Shopping season

I’m one of those smug, annoying people who finish all of their Christmas shopping by the end of November. I’m still waiting for a few things to be delivered but I have completed all purchases.

I do need to post gifts to Australia which forces me to be organised, but I realise that doesn’t make me any less irritating.

I shop online whenever possible. I will gladly pay delivery fees if it means I can avoid the horror of visiting retail establishments. When it’s absolutely necessary I screw my eyes shut, hold my nose and plunge into the seething mass of humanity that is Oxford Street. An hour later I emerge, gasping ‘never, ever again’.

When I first met B he lived in Belsize Park in a building with a 24 hour porter. I loved it. I had all of my shopping delivered there. Now B himself is our porter as he’s not working at the moment. I just ask him not to go out at the required times.

I love Christmas shopping online. I always seem to find plenty of things to buy for people. My problem is knowing when to stop. I also have a really bad habit of ordering a little treat for myself at the same time.

Something I always love buying is children’s clothes. They are so adorable, especially when displayed neatly and cleanly without real live messy children inside them.

This year I’m quite annoyed that I can’t buy my niece and nephews any of the gorgeous Christmas jumpers that are in abundance in UK shops.

Undeniably cute but of little use in Adelaide where it is currently 37 degrees. Maybe I shouldn’t let that stop me. 2012 could become fondly remembered as ‘the year Auntie Jilly gave me heat stroke’.



  1. lol, very funny. I am not opposed to Isla or Fin wearing a lovely Xmas jumper in July, when it is cold here! So, buy away Jilly. x

    1. A reindeer jumper in July is just plain wrong! No can do. But I have bought them some lovely things 🙂

  2. Mine are all wrapped and in the loft :-), first christmas that Beck doesn’t believe!! Not the same x

    1. You were able to keep it going for a long time though! I know some kids start asking difficult questions now by age 5. Astute little buggers.

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