B and I are back at home after a 4 day break in Suffolk. B starts his third round of chemo next week so it was a good chance to forget ‘all that’ for a few days.

It was very quiet, relaxing and rural. We love London but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the constant blare of house alarms, car alarms, sirens, drunken shouting and road rage in our street. We live in a nice area. Really.

We stayed in a cosy cottage in a tiny village that cannot sustain a shop but does have a pub. The locals must be largely comprised of hard drinkers as there only seemed to be around 30 houses.

Our time was spent going for country walks, eating in local gastropubs, sleeping in and watching telly. On Sunday we drove to the seaside but I forgot that it’s dark by 4pm at the moment, so it was practically pitch black by the time we arrived. We consoled ourselves with cake at a local tearoom.

Here I am in historic Lavenham outside a suitably ancient building.


On our final day we were happily eating breakfast at 10.15am when the owner knocked on the door to inform us that check-out was at 10. I told him it was his fault for making us so relaxed. He took this with good grace.


One comment

  1. That picture of Lavenham brought a lump to my throat, my parents lived there for many years.
    During the summer months though it could be manic!

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