Buon Natale!


A couple of you may be wondering how the 6-week carrot approach I wrote about in November is going.

It all started so well. I embarked on the outdoor boot camp with zeal and really enjoyed it, even at 6am in the dark, cold, mizzle and on one day, sleet. On the ‘long run’ day we ran 5 miles. Then at the end of the first week I twisted my foot. It turned blue and puffy and I walked with a limp for a while. And that, as they say, was that.

Unable to exercise, the other ‘rules’ soon fell by the wayside and I inevitably learned to embrace December as the chocolate and carb fest it is (and arguably should be). Sadly I will not be rewarded with a massage at the Thai Square Spa. Ah well, there will be a new year and a new challenge to come.

B and I have been eagerly watching all of the Christmas food TV that is available, and there is a lot. Whether it’s Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas, Nigella’s Italian-inspired Christmas or The Great British Bake Off Christmas Masterclass, we watch the lot. I’ve even seen The Hairy Biker’s Christmas Party and I can’t stand them.

On Nigel’s show I liked the look of a dish he made with red onions, chipolata sausages and cranberry jelly. Only when I printed the recipe from his website did I discover that it’s meant to be passed around at a party (serves 10). We had it for dinner (serves 2). It was delicious and I see nothing wrong with consuming canapés designed for a roomful of people as my evening meal.

B finishes his current cycle of chemo on Saturday and will hopefully be feeling somewhat normal on the big day and able to consume the feast we have planned. We’re going for an Italian menu with recipes from Polpo and Nigellissima. We never have turkey but last year we had partridge. This year we’re done with the bird altogether. The bird is OVER.

Christmas Day at our Haus

Kippers, wilted spinach & poached eggs

No formal lunch (scoffing chocolate is encouraged)

To Start
Prosciutto, mint & fig crostini
Rocket & walnut pesto crostini
Aubergine & parmesan wraps

Lamb cutlets with mint, chilli & golden potatoes

Panna cotta with blackberry compote

To Drink
Shirley Temple mocktails*
Pomegranate Mimosa mocktails*

*B’s system will still be chock full of heavy duty drugs so alcohol is a no go. It will be my first sober Christmas since the age of 10.



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