Frohe Weihnachten!


The title of this post is ‘Merry Christmas’ in German, as I’m sure you know. I can write it down just fine but saying it is more of a problem. I’m not too bad on ‘Weihnachten’ although I tend to pronounce the ‘ch’ as ‘ck’ which is wrong. My ‘Frohe’ rhymes with ‘thrower’ which is also wrong. B’s ‘r’ in this word is a strange raspy clicking sound which I am unable to emulate. I’ve made him say it over and over and studied what he does with his mouth but it is still a mystery. I can only make one sound with r and that is ‘rrr’.

B has a bit of trouble with some sounds in English though. For example, ‘ths’. He will usually say ‘6 months’ as ‘6 month’. Last night I made him practice saying ‘months’ which made me feel better about the whole Frohe Weihnachten thing.

B has now finished his third cycle of chemo and is surprisingly chipper. He felt ill for a few days but now he is back to normal which is great. I expect he will be more tired than usual over the coming weeks but hopefully the nausea has passed until round 4. If it makes a comeback for Christmas day there is an awful lot of food I’ll need to consume on my own. I’m prepared to hunker down and do my best for the team. Shameful fact: when I was single, I once purchased an M&S ‘Dine in for £10’ meal for 2 and ate the lot. So I feel I would be up for the challenge if required.

During the second cycle our therapist advised that it would be useful for B to keep a short diary of how he feels each day and make a note of any symptoms. We could then use this to predict how the subsequent cycles would pan out. At first, B’s penchant for brevity minimised the usefulness of this exercise. Diary entries included:

  • Fine
  • Almost fine

I suggested that perhaps he could ‘flesh it out’ a bit and rank each day from 1 (normal) to 5 (terrible) which has made it far more valuable. I’m still amused by some notes such as:

  • A bit funny – 3
  • Not well, but not too unwell either – 2

Christmas proceedings will kick off this afternoon at our Haus with our annual viewing of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation followed by a cheese board for dinner.

Ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest!




  1. Hey good luck on the food front – we’re all rooting for ya.

    Can’t beat a bit of Vacation, although Summer Vacation is still the best!

    Happy hols!!

  2. Hungry Hedgehog · · Reply

    A cheese board for lunch? I’ve heard of a high fibre diet but that’s ridiculous! I prefer the cheese itself.

  3. I still can’t say “pawpaw” or “hawk” like an aussie and I’ve lived here for 23 years! So don’t feel too bad about Weihnachten. I love B’s diary entries.

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