Following on from my post about Christmas cards, I’ve been mourning the loss of my favourite type of card – those containing a ’round robin’ letter. These are generally written by wives/mothers and provide an annual summary of family events and achievements over the past year.

They aren’t always appreciated, but I miss them. I think they’ve fallen out of favour in recent times as we’re expected to keep up with the minutiae of each others lives via social networking. I only get one these days, from my friend Krista in Adelaide.

When I was younger the mother of one of my highschool friends sent a round robin letter out each Christmas and my mother was one of the lucky recipients. Its arrival was the cause of great merriment in our household as it was an absolute classic, stuffed full of the exaggerated academic and social achievements of the children and the prodigious career accomplishments of the husband. They could have easily featured in this book.

I would then write a ‘mock’ letter about our own family, highlighting each individual’s disappointments and failures over the year. We would read this amongst ourselves for our own amusement. It was not for public consumption although I was often tempted to post it out and see if anyone reacted.

The final letter from my friend’s mother that I can remember was sent sometime during my University years. It described angrily the way in which my friend’s childhood sweetheart had left her for a woman he met ON THE INTERNET (author’s use of bold and caps). It was the crowning glory, the gold standard in round robins, notable for its indignant tone and uncontrolled use of punctuation.

The letters dried up after that. The author had pushed the medium beyond its limits. There was nowhere left to go.



  1. This reminded me of the ’round robin’ my Mothers cousin used to send each year, a light-hearted family saga in rhyme!
    Enjoy your food.

  2. Hungry Hedgehog · · Reply

    I get one which makes me want to fill an empty nearby pocket with the contents of my stomach. I’ve always wanted to do a spoof one from the cat. You know the sort of thing: “Jan 1st started with a bowl of cat food followed by a nap. Rest of year much the same but brought in the odd gift for my slaves who didn’t seem to appreciate it. Nothing special planned for Christmas.”

  3. Round robins are so easy to write now-a-days. You just look at all your old Facebook statuses (stati?)

    1. Facebook should introduce a round robin generator!

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