B and I have had a lovely and lazy Christmas. B felt good on the 25th (‘fine – 1’ in the diary) so luckily I was not forced to eat the entire Christmas dinner. We received loads of great gifts, but my favourite is probably our wooden listening magpie from my sisters.


I remember being swooped by these buggers when I lived in Australia so it’s amazing what 8 years away can make you nostalgic about.

B is currently in bed with nausea and a headache. When he finishes taking the chemo I always think ‘well that’s that then!’ but of course it isn’t the case. The cycle continues for weeks, up until the next load of drugs, and his physical state varies a lot during that time.

The weather in London this week has been appalling. As I write I can hear rain pouring down outside and the occasional clap of thunder. As a consequence I’ve rarely been out of my pyjamas since Monday. The elasticised waist is helping to accommodate several daily servings of Gordon Ramsay’s white chocolate & cranberry brownies, which I made the other day.

And now I must go – I still have half of the new Dallas series to get through. Priorities, people.

ps. RIP Larry Hagman, the best TV villain that ever was.



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  1. “Fine -1” You are a CRACKER, B! Love you Jilly.

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