Bring it on


2013, that is. This hasn’t been a great year. There have been good things, but the big bad thing that is cancer has outweighed all of them. A brief wrap-up:

2012 – the bad

  • B diagnosed with brain cancer

2012 – the good

  • We got married
  • Trip to Australia in February
  • Visits from our family
  • B’s successful brain surgery
  • I went part-time at work

It just goes to show (if further proof were needed) that horoscopes are bollocks. For entertainment I always read the Scorpio ‘year ahead’ and I’m sure I would have remembered if Mystic Meg had mentioned some kind of cerebral disaster in my near future at the end of 2011.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2013:

  • An end to B’s chemo treatment
  • B’s return to work in some capacity (I told him he must, to fund my new part-time lifestyle)
  • Trip to Australia for my 40th in November (not certain but definitely on the wishlist)
  • February break in the Cotswolds

The end of 2012 is definitely something worth celebrating. B and I have considered our options for this evening.

Will we be propelled violently into 2013 by thudding techno at the Beat Dimension NYE Warehouse Party?

Will we head to the mauve-and-lime art deco fantasia that is the Troxy, for some ruffneck house and dubstep at Dollop NYE?

Or will we experience a “bleepin’, squeakin’ catherine wheel of electro, jungle and indie block party meltdown” at Audio Sushi?


Unsurprisingly, none of the above. We’ll be making dinner and watching telly. It will be just like any other night with the additional of Virgin Mary mocktails.

Happy New Year!



  1. Hope You and B have a lovelyNew Years Eve and wishing you both a better New Year! Our plans are sounding very similar to yours apart from we are being too lazy to cook and getting a take away!

  2. Happy new year Jill and B x

  3. Hungry Hedgehog · · Reply

    Happy New Year to you both and I hope that 2013 brings everything that you want. Our New Year’s Eve was very similar except that were joined by my nephew. We just managed to stay awake until Midnight. Dinner was Malasian Stir Fry Beef (thanks to Rick Stein) followed by honeyed figs in spicy syrup (thanks to the Fort House Hotel, Fort Cochin).

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