B is no longer seeing a speech therapist regularly, but we are continuing with the exercises. Sometimes we do word association, which always reminds me of Jerry and George discussing it in Seinfeld:

George: They give you those word association tests. I love those.
Jerry: There’s no wrong answer!
George: Potato
Jerry: Tuberculosis
George: Blanket
Jerry: Leroy
George: Grass
Jerry: Tuberculosis!

Our associations always seem to turn grim after a few words, which is quite amusing.



Recently I’ve been giving B a research task each day. He investigates a topic of my choosing, then reports back to me in the evening without referring to any notes. It seems to be really useful as it tests his short term memory and forces him to speak spontaneously. Some of the topics:

  • What is the fiscal cliff?
  • What are the US states with the most strict & lax gun laws? Give details of 2 mass shootings
  • What is the winter fuel allowance and what other tax breaks are the elderly entitled to?
  • What is the background to the current situation in Syria?
  • Describe 5 fad diets

If you have any ideas for interesting topics please leave a comment.

It’s great for me too, as I often choose something I’ve seen briefly on the news but haven’t bothered to fully understand. Pretty soon I won’t even have to read the ‘serious’ bits of the paper at all, leaving me free to concentrate on the showbiz and celebrity headlines.



  1. 1. What are the proposed changes to inflation in the UK & who will they effect.

    2. What are the differences historically & theologically between Sunni & Shia Muslims.

    3. What are the largest countries by population in Central America & when were they founded?

    1. These are great, thanks Tom. Question 2 is tomorrow’s assignment.

  2. Leah Harris · · Reply

    I reckon give him some celeb topics to research as well!!!

    What is the dating / marriage history of Kim Kardashian?

    Who is Harry Stylaz??

    Etc, etc ….

    1. I like it. Describe Lindsay Lohan’s criminal past. Name 10 celebrity patients of The Priory and their addictions. Unfortunately though I’m rather well informed about such matters already.

  3. That’s funny, I watched that Seinfeld episode on telly just this week!

    1. It’s one of the best. “Just chatting… very friendly”.

  4. Hi just read your blog! Some funny things! My husband was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma! In october. Made the mistake of trolling the internet..yuck! Found some survivors!
    He has had 30 radiotherapies….and chemo temodar. He is having a month off and then starts temodar one week on and 3 off! MRI end jan feb to wait til inflammation from radiotherapy down. It sucks doesnt it??? Would like to keep in touch! …gillian

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. Googling can be both uplifting and depressing depending on what you read – I try to avoid it now!

  5. […] daily research task has been a great success. We’ve used all of the suggested topics so please keep them coming. […]

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