Tai chi


B has now finished his fourth round of chemo and coped with it quite well. 4 down, 2 to go.

He’s been staying indoors a lot due to the inclement weather but keeps a watchful eye on the neighbourhood through the living room blinds. We live opposite a Sainsbury’s Express and there are numerous restaurants in our street, so there are often goods vehicles idling outside during the day and in the evening. B now doesn’t need to move from the sofa to tell me which truck it is and where it’s parked just from the sound (‘Hovis – corner of Narbonne Avenue’).

He hasn’t been completely housebound though, and has recently started a beginner’s tai chi class in addition to his weekly yoga class. ‘He’ll be doing transcendental meditation next’ was the helpfully sarcastic comment from my mother.

Apparently the other tai chi participants are quite chatty which is good for B as the most difficult objective from his speech therapist has been ‘talking to others in the community’. As B is quite insular he’s spent his adult life (as I have) denying the existence of a community. It’s one of the major benefits of living in London, for god’s sake. The other day he went to the hardware store down the street to buy a light globe and was gone for ages. When he returned I asked why the delay and he said ‘I was talking to the community’ ie. he had to ask the shopkeeper for help.

The daily research task has been a great success. We’ve used all of the suggested topics so please keep them coming. I try to think of questions that can’t be easily answered via Wikipedia, but that isn’t easy. Recently I have used these:

  • Which countries have the harshest drug trafficking offences? Describe 3 trafficking cases that have featured in the press
  • What are the exact UK regulations surrounding free range meat & eggs? What do related animal welfare standards mean eg. freedom foods?
  • What are halal and kosher?
  • If either of my sisters were looking to get a dog (families with young children), which breeds should they consider and why?




  1. Tatielane · · Reply

    Here’s one I’d alctually like to know the answer to. Can bubble wrap and jiffy bags be put in the recycling?

    1. That’s a good one, I’d also like to know whether UK recycling ends up in landfill in Europe as I’ve heard. Recycling question coming up!

  2. Matthew has bought me Big Brain Academy for Wii, struggled at first with remote but getting better and Beck can play aswell, as I can’t do all the racing/platform games she plays, even watching them sends my brain into a spin lol!

  3. What is the history of Belgian colonial possessions in Africa.
    Who are the new Communist Leaders of China and what do we know about them.
    What was the English Civil War about?

  4. Wendy Crawford · · Reply

    I’d love to read his answers – any chance of putting them on your blog?

    1. He doesn’t write it down – that’s the problem! Being able to remember and re-tell what he’s read is an important part of it.

  5. Here’s a question that appeared on my BA final exam paper. “Should Mendelssohn have died sooner?”.

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