My last post had an unexpected effect.

Lots of people who usually skim my blog then get straight back to surfing porn or abusing members of online forums were sufficiently moved to post a comment or write me an email. I’ve had dinner invitations. I spoke to or Skyped with everyone in my Australian family on the weekend. I saw my lovely little nephew Sebastian for the first time.

This really lifted my spirits. I’m going to post about feeling depressed more often.

A few other things happened to cheer me up as well. On missing Australia, my friend Tracey in Tasmania had this to say:

“Australia is NOT the place to be right now. If your house isn’t being borne away by the floods or burnt to a crisp in the raging bushfires, you’re being fried like an egg in the unforgiving heat”.

She has a point.

Right on cue the weather in London became much milder. We had a top of 10 on Saturday! This may not sound like much to my Australian readers but it is a great improvement on zero.

On Sunday it was Holocaust Memorial Day. In the evening B and I watched Prisoner Number A26188, the personal testimony of Holocaust survivor Henia Bryer. We didn’t plan to watch it but it started after the news and was captivating. Somehow it would have felt disrespectful to turn it off and go to bed.

It wasn’t cheerful in the least but there is nothing like an account like this to put your own problems into perspective. I also like to ‘boo’ and ‘hiss’ whenever Germans are mentioned on the tv, much to B’s amusement, and it gave me plenty of opportunity for that.

This week I’m only working 2 days and on Friday we’re off to the Cotswolds for a relaxing long weekend. Things are definitely looking up.


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  1. Have a great time away x

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