Our long weekend in the Cotswolds was lovely and relaxing. Here I am in front of a field:


The weather was cold but clear and we spent a lot of time wandering around Bourton-on-the-water, eating scones with jam and clotted cream, sitting in front of the fire reading and generally being extremely lazy.

I did get covered in mud during a country walk which prompted the only ‘FFS!’ of the weekend.

I even remembered to take everything I needed. I have a terrible habit of forgetting critical items if I don’t write a packing list, even for 1 night away from home. When we visited Suffolk recently I didn’t take any knickers. I had to wash the pair I was wearing each night and leave them hanging over the bedroom radiator to dry. And they say romance is dead.

We did have quite a disappointing dinner at the Lords of the Manor hotel. It was so bad that I’m currently gearing up to write my first (scathing) Tripadvisor review about the experience. Suffice to say that we left slightly annoyed and quite hungry, which is not what you expect after an expensive 5 course meal.

Here we are prior to our expectations being dashed:


Now I’m back to the 3 day grind, oh the humanity.



  1. Glad you only had lne FFS??? I want clotted cream….hoped to be going to daughters in devon but steve cant fly yet. Other daughter in scotland and i want a haggis!!! Both trips cancelled …FFS!

  2. What was so bad about the meal?

    1. Terrible service, food ok but not great and not enough of it. Details coming soon to Tripadvisor!

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