Brain doctors


It never rains but it pours. Hot on the heels of Channel 5’s Brain Hospital comes Brain Doctors on BBC2. B and I have watched both this week.

I have mixed feelings about these shows. They do make me feel a bit sad but I couldn’t NOT watch them, that would be impossible. In fact I’m glad there’s no 24-hour brain surgery channel or I’d be glued to the tv all day and night – sitting slack-jawed on the sofa, shovelling in popcorn as skull after skull opens up before me.

This week Brain Hospital featured a man with more than 20 secondary brain tumours. The neurosurgeon told him he could expect to live for perhaps 9 months with radiotherapy (a few weeks without). He said ‘I’m going to beat that’. When I heard this I thought ‘poor deluded bastard’ but of course he wasn’t deluded – it’s the way he chose to think. If you’re on the way out anyway, the only difference you can make is how you deal with it.

I sometimes wonder how I’d react in the same circumstances. Would I shrug my shoulders and hum ‘que sera sera’ or would I throw myself on the floor at the doctor’s feet, drumming my fists and feet against the floor like my 3-year-old niece in tantrum mode? The latter would make for better tv, if a slightly uncomfortable experience for my loved ones.

In any case this poor chap died in 6 months but if he retained his positive attitude I’m sure he made the process easier on his family. I’m not certain that I would be able to do the same.


Apologies to my international readers for the fast and loose use of slang in this blog (although it is unlikely to change).

After reading my last post B’s brother Jens looked up ‘FFS’ in an online dictionary but was forced to conclude that I probably did not mean:

fill, weight and seal equipment [abbr.: FFS][tech.]

Google then set him straight.

My first Tripadvisor review (of our disappointing dinner in the Cotswolds) is now available here (user cheesy_paws).



  1. Brain hospital this week was my surgeon Dr Brodbelt, it was like reliving the turn of events 18 months, but I admire him for what he does and still does, he his open and honest. As for Brain Doctors couldn’t handle it, so not going to watch that again.
    Read your review, to the point and for what you paid, agree with you totally. Hope you get a reply from them.
    Karen 🙂

    1. Yes I saw your doctor, he seemed quite approachable and human for a neurosurgeon! I agree that Brain Doctors was quite depressing.

  2. Ha ha jill so funny again!! We are in spain as you know and we now dont get channel 5 . I asked my daughter suzy to tape it and she said no!! She has happy thoughts and on BT sites of survivor stories! Saw the one last night .is BF watching them? My steve fell asleep during it! Lime you i would be watching 24 hour brain surgery programmes….but i would stuff my face with nuts! It does become an obsession. As you were saying how would you cope if it was you..i said to steve i wish it was me and not him..he always promised not to die before me! How can i copy and paste without him??? I would have curled up in a ball and sobbed if it was me that had it….oops i think i did dog licked my tears!! Steve been great past couple of days….yeeha…roll on the next round of chemo!
    Ha ha poor deluded bastard…as a nurse i think that too…but now realise not! Never mind the surgery lets do series living with it…nobody would watch…keep up your funny stories!,

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