Chair aerobics


I may be banned from running due to my dodgy foot, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been completely idle during the past few weeks.

After exploring my options I decided to try ‘chair aerobics’ with Paul Eugene. He was ‘born to inspire the world to fitness’ – who can argue with a strapline like that?

Paul is about as enthusiastic as anyone could be when exercising in a chair. As he says, you can ‘sit and be fit’. Every few days I’ve been ‘getting my groove on in the chair’ (as he puts it) for a half hour routine. I find it reasonably challenging if I use light hand weights.

So far I’ve only done his basic chair workout but I have my eye on ‘turbo chair aerobics’ and I’m intrigued by ‘gospel chair fitness’, for those who want to give glory and praise to god whilst working out. I’m all for multi-tasking.

I’ve also been going to Hot Power Yoga classes, which are much more enjoyable than I expected. The room is heated to 28-32 degrees which in itself is an extremely pleasant respite from the London winter. I’d be happy to just sit there on my mat and read a book.

I’m very much a yoga beginner, so I often fall over when trying to hold postures like this:


My tree pose is far from sturdy. My gorilla pose is more like a crouching chimpanzee. I am nowhere close to performing a headstand. But I’m ‘building my castle’, it’s an ongoing process.

B is still attending his yoga class (‘cold yoga’ as he calls it) and tai chi, so we’re on our way to becoming a supple, relaxed and meditative household. Last night when he returned from tai chi he showed me his ‘backwards walking monkey’ which is quite impressive. Unfortunately when he practices in the flat he keeps having to stop and move to another part of the floor to have enough room for the sequences. This must interrupt the flow of chi. I’ve been trying to encourage him to practice on the common but he doesn’t seem keen.


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