North Norfolk


B and I spent the weekend in North Norfolk. It was really lovely, in fact I would go so far as to say it ‘has it all’ – gorgeous scenery, picturesque villages, gourmet restaurants, plenty of sightseeing and the seaside. Less touristy than Devon or Cornwall and only a 3 hour drive from London instead of 7. What’s not to like?

It was obvious that there are plenty of wealthy people living in Norfolk, but they are less shouty about it than they are in other parts of the UK – like the Cutesy-on-the-Water Cotswolds, for example. I couldn’t imagine David Cameron and Rebekah Brooks flirting over a ‘country supper’ there, and we didn’t run into a single supermodel in Hunter wellies.

We visited Sandringham, where the Royal family spends each Christmas and New Year. Apparently the rooms were ‘as *they* use them’. We even saw the room where the Queen watches telly of an evening. I could just imagine her settling in with a cup of tea and hobnob in time for Britain’s Got Talent.

The weekend was a welcome distraction from thoughts about B’s first post-treatment MRI, which he had today. We’ll discuss the results with The German on Monday. Fingers crossed that the radiotherapy and chemotherapy has obliterated the remains of the tumour.


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  1. There are a few too many Hunter welly wearers wandering Burnham Market (aka Chelsea-by-the-Sea), but generally it is a very unpretentious, but appealing area.

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