Life begins at 40


Or so they say. If that is the case, things are really kicking off for B today! It’s been exciting for him so far. I know he appreciated me bellowing ‘Welcome to your forties!’ as he opened his eyes at 6am.

Then I made him get up so he could open his presents before I went to work. Here’s one of them:


I don’t think B minds reaching this milestone. As I’ve helpfully pointed out, it’s the least of his concerns. He doesn’t need to worry about looking old either. Just a few months ago he was asked for ID at Tesco when buying wine, which begs the question – who do the staff think I am? His mother?

The coming days will involve fancy birthday dinners, lunches and events around this great city of ours. I will be baking a cake. I considered making novelty brain cupcakes but I’m not sure they would have been appreciated…




  1. Happy birthday .Enjoy the celebrations x

  2. Tatielane · · Reply

    *wicked chuckle at the cupcakes* Happy birthday B!

  3. Hungry Hedgehog · · Reply

    Happy Birthday – nice cufflinks. Is he indeed a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  4. This made me chuckle, for Christmas me and boyf got each other novelty presents. I got him a cuddly brain cell toy!

  5. Happy 40th Birthday B x Enjoy x 🙂

  6. Gillian · · Reply

    Happy birthday…is he still hiding under the covers?? My hubby did that 17 years ago!

  7. I did make a brain cake to mark my first anniversary of BT diagnosis. Unfortunately, it looked more like a pile of sausages. Surely, it’s the though that counts. I hope your 40th was good.

    1. Actually that looks pretty damn good, I’m impressed! Thanks for sharing your blog.

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