Unfortunately the problems with my foot were not solved by the recent steroid injection. The foot is kaput, and so I am scheduled to have surgery next Wednesday.

The surgeon is going to shave down the bony protuberance on the top of my foot, break the toe bone, remove a piece of it and re-attach it with a screw. Then she’s going to give me a lift home, as she lives just around the corner from us. That’s what I call service.

Apparently the procedure will transform me from freak to normal(ish). Her words.

I had my pre-surgical consultation last week.

Me: Is there anything you want me to ask the surgeon?
B: What is the risk of death.
Me: Whoa. Steady on soldier. This isn’t YOUR kind of surgery. I imagine there’s a risk of infection which if left unchecked could claim my foot, leg and eventually, life.
B: Ok.

The surgeon advises me not to watch the procedure, as some people who think they will be ok are upset by it. I do not want to watch. I don’t consider it to be entertainment. I remember when I had a minor procedure on my ladybits years ago (sorry if TMI) and the doctor asked if I wanted the image from the internal camera projected onto the screen next to my head. “No! No! A thousand times no!” I believe I shouted.

I’ll be completely out of action for 3 weeks (unable to leave the flat). These weeks will no doubt coincide with the sunniest spring weather this country has ever seen.


I’ll be able to walk without crutches in 4-6 weeks. Luckily I have an understanding and flexible employer so I will be working from home for most of this time.

Lately I’ve been watching The Big Body Squad, it’s a guilty pleasure when B is at Tai Chi. I was horrified to hear that many people start their downhill slide into clinical obesity during a period of inactivity related to surgery or injury. I informed B that soon he’ll be attaching a hoist to the ceiling so he can wash the underside of me.



  1. Peter Leonard · · Reply

    I have followerd your journey with great attention since late March 2013, your cousin Megan’s husband Kenny (a mate of mine) sent me this blog due to our situation. I have enjoyed your outlook on life and your situation, this has helped me in ways I wasn’t aware of until they kicked in, in our life. I wish you and B well in your future, and would love to be in the audience, when you guys are in Aus. All the best Peter Leonard

    1. Hi Peter, I was very sorry to hear about your wife’s tumour and hope you are both coping ok. I hope the blog has made you realise you are not alone – too many of us are dealing with this awful disease 😦 x

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