B bought me a couple of surprise gifts this week. We haven’t even been married a year so you’re probably thinking that romance is still pretty high on the agenda. You might lay your money on perfume, chocolates or even jewellery.

tiffanyYou’d be wrong.

Here’s the first one:

cast_protectorAttractive and practical, this cast protector is made of PVC/nylon mesh, and is roomy and slip resistant. The instructions contain such helpful tips as ‘insert your injured limb into the opening’ which saved me the embarrassment of trying to put my foot into the closed end. The manufacturers also include the warning ‘No diving!’ which is a shame because executing a forward 2 1/2 somersault (with pike) off the 3m springboard at our local swimming centre is exactly what I had in mind for today.

And here’s the second:


It ties in nicely with the first, I think you’ll agree. The disability support bath seat is lightweight and corrosion resistant. No assembly needed – simply position where required.

All joking aside, both of these gifts are extremely thoughtful and useful and have allowed me the pleasure of a hot shower over the past few days. They also permit me to be self-sufficient. B is doing quite enough for me already without having to wash my hair as well.


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  1. Very romantic B!

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