The return


Today is B’s last day of freedom. Tomorrow he will spend his first half day back at work. He’s been typically tight-lipped on the subject.

Me: Are you worried about it?
B: A bit.
Me: Are you dreading it?
B: A bit.

I know there are two main issues preying on his mind, apart from the predictable fears about what he’ll be doing, whether his abilities have changed, how tired it will make him etc. These are:

  1. The attention
  2. The pity

B likes to go about his business without drawing any attention to himself, and like most of us he does not want to be pitied. I’ve been in ‘helpful wife’ mode today to allay his fears.

“Yes, people are going to stare at first. You’ve got a whopping great scar on your head. But it won’t last. After you’ve been back a few days you’ll blend in with the furniture as before. Most people are pretty self-obsessed, especially in your industry, and if it doesn’t directly involve them it won’t occupy their minds for long. And it’s not as if you’re returning after some sort of disgrace, under a cloud. You didn’t drop your pants at the Christmas party.”

I’m not sure how much this helped, to be honest.



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