You’ve got mail


B’s first day back in the office was fine. He has some work to do but can’t do any because all of his accounts have been deactivated. Projects that were ‘almost complete’ a year ago are now ‘almost complete’. His very stale muesli is still in his drawer. He has 36,000 unread emails. All as expected!

Everyone was nice to him. Yesterday morning I felt like an overprotective mother on the first day of school. I would have gone with him, if bringing your wife to work wasn’t even more conspicuous than returning, bald, after a year of illness-related absence. I could have sat by his desk and barked things like:

“What’s up, never seen a craniotomy scar before?”
“Move along Jack, nothing to see here”
“You really shouldn’t wear a spotted tie with a striped shirt”

In other news, we have secured a little piece of paradise on Aussie soil. Our offer on a flat has been accepted. Here it is:


Australians don’t muck about when it comes to purchasing property, so the whole process will be done and dusted by the end of the month. Then we will be able to rent it out to some lucky little battler.



  1. Tatielane · · Reply

    Great news all round!

  2. Glad it all went well 🙂

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