Gimme an M!

cheerleaderGimme an R!
Gimme an I!

Whaddya got? A stress inducing brain scan, that’s what.

I haven’t posted for such a long time, but in this case ‘no news is good news’. B and I have been adjusting back to normal life (‘the new normal’). He’s been working 3 days a week and enjoying it. He usually works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The 2 consecutive days do wear him out considerably, but the headaches he experienced in the beginning seem to have settled down.

It’s now 3 months since my foot surgery and I’m back to normal motion, although that foot is still quite puffy. I’m back into hot yoga and suffering bigtime from ‘yoga body’ (sore everything). The quality of my Utkatasana declined considerably during my absence but I’m determined to improve.

The only stress has arrived courtesy of B’s latest MRI. which he had yesterday to mark one year since the end of his radiotherapy. In the leadup to this B’s sleep has suffered and he’s been up in the small hours, watching ‘America’s Worst Tattoos’ and bingeing on grapes. We get the results on Thursday. Then hopefully we will get a 6 month reprieve until the next scan.



  1. Now that’s a show I’d like to watch!
    Have missed your posts…all the best for Thursday!
    PS I just tried to donate to your walk but it said I needed a VISA password (which doesn’t exist) and I can’t remember my paypal details…frank’s got them written down so I’ll try again tonight x

  2. Hi Jill,

    I came across your witty and informative blog some time ago. My husband John was diagnosed with an anaplastic astrocytoma last March (2012) at the age of 29 and had surgery in May (2012), so we’re in a similar situation. He also did radiation and adjuvant Temodar plus 6 more months of Temodar alone. He has been off of active treatment since March 2013 but has been on the ketogenic diet since November 2012.

    Wishing you an unexciting and stable MRI result!


    1. Thanks Allyson! I just had a look at John’s blog, it is very interesting. I have done a bit of research on the ketogenic diet but B has little interest in it, I’d like to read more about his experiences with it though. All the best with your cancer … ‘journey’ (ugh, I hate that term).

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