Done & dusted


B and I completed the Shine night-time walking marathon on the weekend. We started at 9pm on Saturday night and finished at 6am Sunday morning. We enjoyed the first 10 miles, then the novelty quickly wore off. The final 8 miles or so were agony. It’s ‘only walking’ but I didn’t realise how hard 9 hours of walking would be. My back, legs and feet were complaining loudly by the halfway point. Near the end it was better to keep moving than pause for a rest, as it was too painful to get going again.

B coped well and came out of it with one blister, compared to my six. He was happily striding along well past the point at which I lost my mojo.

Me:  Could you slow down a bit? This crab-like shuffle is the best I can manage at this point.
B:  Ok. Sorry.
Me:  For someone with cancer, you walk awfully fast.
B:  I don’t have LEG cancer.
Me:  That’s good, as it’s one of the worst types. Especially if you get it in both legs.

The walk started and ended in Battersea and took in some of the best sights of the city including the Royal Albert Hall, the Gherkin, the British Museum, Harrods, the Globe Theatre, the Shard, St Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge. Despite the interesting landmarks I can honestly say that the finest spectacle was the disused power station at the end of the course.

During the 9 hours I had plenty of time to ponder the rules I’d enforce if I was organising such an event.

  1. The right side of the footpath would be reserved for overtakers (like the fast lane on the motorway).
  2. Walk alone or in pairs, no big groups.
  3. Walkers who drop one of the 50 glow bands they’re covered in need to forget it and move on.
  4. Portable toilets would operate on a timer (at 60 seconds the door automatically opens wide).

On the last point, how long does it take to do a wee? I’m in and out in 40 second tops. I thought some people had fallen asleep in there.

Thanks to everyone who supported us and donated towards brain cancer research!



  1. What happened to 2283?

    1. Struggling somewhere far behind us, I imagine.

      1. How did she manage to get between you guys?

  2. Do you tweet? Do you know about #braintumorthursday? This would be an awesome post for tomorrow! 🙂

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