Give it up


It’s almost May and B and I have yet to decide on a fundraising activity for 2014. Last year we completed the Shine night walk marathon. It was rewarding and suitably torturous (I remember whimpering ‘never again’ as I dragged my sorry ass and blister-riddled feet over the finish line). This year we’d like to do something different but are struggling to establish WHAT it will be.

Due to other commitments, we can’t participate in most of the organised walks in London this year. Walks are really our only option when it comes to physical challenges. My poor post-surgical foot can’t run and we value our lives so we don’t cycle in London. With his condition B isn’t supposed to become overly exerted as it could bring on a seizure. So no climbing mountainous peaks or crawling under live wires through mud. Long distance walking, however, with its slow grinding down of body, mind and spirit, is a-ok.

Why aren’t there more cerebral charity events? A chess challenge, scrabble marathon or ‘Read the entire works of Dickens in a month’? Now that would be gruelling. I’d like to see the hardasses at Tough Mudder tackle Great Expectations, David Copperfield and Bleak House back-to-back.

Some people invite sponsorship to ‘give up’ something for a set period, that they think they can’t do without. Some popular choices are:

  • Alcohol (neither of us drink at all anymore, bar the occasional glass of champers)
  • No talking for day (a walk in the park for two introverts like us – especially B who shuns human contact at the best of times)
  • Fast food (we don’t eat it)
  • Makeup (that would be a cruel disservice to anyone I interact with)
  • Caffeine (we don’t drink coffee, but skipping the Earl Grey for a month would be pretty harsh)
  • Swearing (now we’re #*&$@ talking)

Perhaps a food-related challenge is the way to go? It should ideally have a snappy rhyming catchphrase (Dry July, Sober October)

  • Vegan (Vegan Season)
  • Paleo (Month of Meat & Misery)
  • Djokovic’s gluten-free plan for physical and mental excellence (Novak November)


I think giving something up is the way to go, but what would I REALLY miss?

  • TV
  • Social networking
  • Frivolous shopping
  • Blasphemy

Those things are the lifeblood of my existence, for christ’s sake. Definitely ‘food for thought’. Other ideas welcome!



  1. Being pro-chess & anti-blasphemy you know what I’d say!

  2. Kathy Sadler · · Reply

    Sleep? Like the IAMS cat is doing for ME

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