Again, long time no post! As usual this mean good things rather than bad. B had his latest scan in August and all was fine – no change from the previous scan in January. The German didn’t even annoy me this time, although I was braced for it. When we arrived for the consultation in January he immediately began speaking to B in German. He is fully aware that I don’t speak German. I told him he was very rude.

B now has a period of grace until the next scan in January 2015, which pleases him greatly. We are trying to ‘live life to the full’ while he is ‘healthy’ and have just returned from amazing trip to Kenya (more about that later). Next year’s holidays are almost organised – Jamaica, Botswana and Australia.

After much dithering about this year’s charity event we have decided to do the London Trekathon, which is a marathon walk in London happening this coming Saturday, September 27th. Training has been minimal (sitting in jeeps in Kenya doesn’t really count) but I’m confident that we can finish it, albeit with aching feet and hips. It can’t be worse than Shine last year, surely?

So far we have reached 80% of our fundraining goal for Brainstrust, here is our JustGiving page in case you would like to support us!



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