Three years


It’s now almost 3 and a half years since B’s initial seizure and diagnosis, and life is currently good. The German revised his prognosis at our meeting in January, as B has now outlived the original estimate. Although it’s only a guess, he now predicts that it could be another 2-5 years until the tumour re-activates.

Sometimes several days go by when I don’t think about the tumour at all. I know this isn’t the case for B (the difference between having the tumour and being married to the person with the tumour) but overall I think he is happy and relaxed. He’s working 3 days a week, often long days, but cherishes his days off and doesn’t want to increase his work commitments at this point. He still gets tired when he needs to think a lot (but then again, so do I).

We’ve been spending our time and money on making improvements to our flat and on travel – we’ve been to Kenya, Jamaica and Botswana recently and have planned upcoming jaunts to Australia and Japan.

Long may this state of contentment continue!




  1. Hi Jill, same here I was 4 years on the 19th July and I have applied for my driving licence again as I haven’t had a fit for 4 years. I haven’t had chemo for 2 years in September and gone to yearly appointments with my neurosurgeon and mris every 6 months with my oncologist.
    So happy for you both and so jealous of the travelling you have done!
    Love Karen Dutton 🙂

    1. Karen! So lovely to hear from you, and I’m so happy that things are going well. B is thinking of trying to get his license back too xx

  2. Karen and Tim · · Reply

    This is a great read. We’re so happy to hear things remain stable and the future continues to stretch out before you, and you have such exciting plans to fill it. Japan! Very jealous. xx

  3. That’s fantastic. It’s that Prussian stoicism (definitely not positive thinking!)

  4. Nice post.

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