Mini seizure


B experienced something weird whilst sitting at his desk one day last week – the right side of his face became numb, and then the same thing happened to his right thumb and right hand. He was reading the Guardian website at the time and became unable to use his mouse, so was forced to re-read a story criticising Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership several times.

The episode completely passed within half an hour and he was back to normal, but it was a pretty frightening experience. From a bit of googling it seems as if it was a Focal Seizure. If the seizure involves the parietal lobe it can produce the symptoms B described. It makes sense as that part of the brain is responsible for processing language and that’s very close to the location of B’s tumour.

We’re not panicking as it doesn’t mean that the tumour has become active. I know of other brain tumour sufferers who experience these sorts of seizures on a regular basis, even though their tumour situation is stable. Maybe his anti-seizure meds will need to be increased? In any case we will discuss it with The German when we get B’s scan results next week.




  1. You little devil. How do you make these scary moments so funny? I hope everything is all right now. xx

  2. […] is a good thing. B’s anti-seizure medication is going to be increased a little due to his recent episode, but that’s the only change. Hopefully this will prevent future occurrences. He was on a […]

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