Computer says no


We saw The German today for B’s latest scan results. He thinks they are fine, nothing visible to worry about, no changes.

The only small issue is that he couldn’t compare the scan to the one completed six months ago, as he couldn’t access it for technical reasons. Honestly, the IT in these clinics is absolutely hopeless. We have a copy of the last scan on disk so we have to post it to him so he can do the comparison. Seriously.

In any case, the tumour cavity still has a defined border and there was no leakage of the dye into the surrounding brain area, which is a good thing. B’s anti-seizure medication is going to be increased a little due to his recent episode, but that’s the only change. Hopefully this will prevent future occurrences. He was on a very low dose previously.

And now… freedom for another six months! It must be time to plan a holiday…




  1. Congratulations – sounds as good as it gets.

  2. That is cause to celebrate! Holiday planning and good news should go together. Very happy to hear the results are so positive x

  3. […] stressful day – we saw B's oncologist for his 6 monthly scan results. Luckily it was positive – no change, no tumour growth. I usually feel sick when we're sitting in the waiting room […]

  4. Nice blog…

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