Mental gymnastics


B underwent an afternoon of neuropsychological testing recently, as requested by his health insurance provider. He said he did well on some of it but other parts were awful eg. mental arithmetic. Not the simplest stuff like 18 + 42 but questions with longer steps such as:

You’re in a queue with 150 people in front of you. 6 people are being served per minute. How long until you get served?

I pointed out that a lot of people would struggle with this but in the past he was lightning quick at these sorts of hypothetical puzzles, and now he isn’t. He finds some word tests difficult as well eg. “Name as many words as you can think of starting with am”. He can name a few and then that’s it. We definitely noticed the same issue from similar speech therapy exercises he was required to do after his surgery, so it doesn’t seem to have changed.

B also said that he takes in information more effectively if it’s written down rather than spoken. Had to admit I rolled my eyes at this. So THAT’S why he can’t recall the things I say sometimes! Two can play at THAT game buddy. Gonna get myself a massive stack of post-it notes.

We’re still waiting to receive the written report but I doubt that the results will reveal anything that would that stop B from doing his work or living his life but I can understand that it must be quite depressing for him to be reminded of any change in his abilities.

I’m not certain what the implications could be for his health insurance, but I’m sure we’ll find out. B’s salary has been paid by his insurance company since 2012, not by the company he works for. He’s been a lovely little freebie flitting around the office. The ‘guardian angel’ of the finance world, if you will. Perhaps that is all about to change?



  1. Those tests would have been awful. I hope he’s not too worn out from them. Good luck with the insurance company. xx

  2. it will be a very tough time for you guys..good luck for now.

  3. Nice Blog…

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