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B spent a second day in the Friends Stroke Unit, fortunately 24 hours had passed so he was at least able to sit up – hurrah! The day was spent waiting for his echocardiagram. Time in hospital moves at a glacial pace. When you’re told that something will happen ‘soon’ that could mean anytime in […]


B was admitted to the Friends Stroke Unit at Kings College Hospital at 4am. This was because he was at risk of stroke, but he was the only person I could see who hadn’t already had one. The name of the unit seemed a bit cruel to me – these poor people either didn’t seem to have […]


On Sunday B noticed something weird – he had a bad headache, his left eyelid was a bit droopy and his left pupil was unresponsive. Here we go again, I thought. Tumour problems. On Monday I went with him to his GP who sent him to A&E. We arrived at King’s College Hospital at 4pm. This won’t […]