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Back in Business

Last week B received a call from his brain surgeon’s PA, requesting an appointment. My initial response was alarm – one doesn’t like to hear from people like this out of the blue. After confirming that it was purely to see how he’s been faring these past 4 years, B agreed. I went along to the consultation […]

Mental gymnastics

B underwent an afternoon of neuropsychological testing recently, as requested by his health insurance provider. He said he did well on some of it but other parts were awful eg. mental arithmetic. Not the simplest stuff like 18 + 42 but questions with longer steps such as: You’re in a queue with 150 people in […]


Not new app-controlled cutlery from Apple but an “intelligent” electro-surgical scalpel that can analyse brain tissue at a molecular level. Faaaaancy. This new brain surgery trial sounds like a real breakthrough for those with operable brain tumours. I found it interesting that the BBC news story on the telly last night focussed on the fact that […]


Today we were expecting the highly anticipated return of Chemo Boy for the 5th round, but B failed the blood test yesterday. He initially reported this to me via text as a problem with his pellets. Me: ‘like a chicken?’ We eventually worked out that the doctor had said his platelets are too low. This isn’t entirely unexpected […]

Brain hospital

On Tuesday night we watched the first episode of Brain Hospital – a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary about The Walton Centre, which is the only NHS trust dedicated to neuroscience in the UK. I wasn’t certain that B would want to see it but he said he was interested. There was a woman named […]

Tai chi

B has now finished his fourth round of chemo and coped with it quite well. 4 down, 2 to go. He’s been staying indoors a lot due to the inclement weather but keeps a watchful eye on the neighbourhood through the living room blinds. We live opposite a Sainsbury’s Express and there are numerous restaurants […]


B is no longer seeing a speech therapist regularly, but we are continuing with the exercises. Sometimes we do word association, which always reminds me of Jerry and George discussing it in Seinfeld: George: They give you those word association tests. I love those. Jerry: There’s no wrong answer! George: Potato Jerry: Tuberculosis George: Blanket […]