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Back in Business

Last week B received a call from his brain surgeon’s PA, requesting an appointment. My initial response was alarm – one doesn’t like to hear from people like this out of the blue. After confirming that it was purely to see how he’s been faring these past 4 years, B agreed. I went along to the consultation […]


Not new app-controlled cutlery from Apple but an “intelligent” electro-surgical scalpel that can analyse brain tissue at a molecular level. Faaaaancy. This new brain surgery trial sounds like a real breakthrough for those with operable brain tumours. I found it interesting that the BBC news story on the telly last night focussed on the fact that […]


B bought me a couple of surprise gifts this week. We haven’t even been married a year so you’re probably thinking that romance is still pretty high on the agenda. You might lay your money on perfume, chocolates or even jewellery. You’d be wrong. Here’s the first one: Attractive and practical, this cast protector is […]

Lunch is for wimps

B’s occupational therapist has finally given him the go ahead to return to work. On June 4th he’ll snap on his braces, tip his bowler hat at a rakish angle and re-enter the world of high finance. I think he is both excited and apprehensive about this. It’s been more than a year since he […]


Unfortunately the problems with my foot were not solved by the recent steroid injection. The foot is kaput, and so I am scheduled to have surgery next Wednesday. The surgeon is going to shave down the bony protuberance on the top of my foot, break the toe bone, remove a piece of it and re-attach […]


Around a year ago, I started experiencing pain in my left foot when running. This was accompanied by an alarming looking lump on the top of the foot. I duly consulted a podiatrist, who suspected a problem with my movement during exercise and subjected me to ‘gait analysis’. This involved stripping to my underwear and […]

Brain doctors

It never rains but it pours. Hot on the heels of Channel 5’s Brain Hospital comes Brain Doctors on BBC2. B and I have watched both this week. I have mixed feelings about these shows. They do make me feel a bit sad but I couldn’t NOT watch them, that would be impossible. In fact […]