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Things have been burbling along since all the drama in June. B self-injected an anticoagulant daily for a month or so but now he’s just on warfarin to keep his blood at the right consistency for artery healing. He’s still having regular blood tests to monitor it. A CT scan will happen in a few […]

Back in Business

Last week B received a call from his brain surgeon’s PA, requesting an appointment. My initial response was alarm – one doesn’t like to hear from people like this out of the blue. After confirming that it was purely to see how he’s been faring these past 4 years, B agreed. I went along to the consultation […]

Mental gymnastics

B underwent an afternoon of neuropsychological testing recently, as requested by his health insurance provider. He said he did well on some of it but other parts were awful eg. mental arithmetic. Not the simplest stuff like 18 + 42 but questions with longer steps such as: You’re in a queue with 150 people in […]

Computer says no

We saw The German today for B’s latest scan results. He thinks they are fine, nothing visible to worry about, no changes. The only small issue is that he couldn’t compare the scan to the one completed six months ago, as he couldn’t access it for technical reasons. Honestly, the IT in these clinics is absolutely […]


Every now and then a seemingly positive story about cancer survival rates hits the press. Yesterday I awoke to a notification on my iPhone about this story which, you might think, would put a spring in my step (although I was still lying in bed at the time). Apparently half of newly diagnosed UK cancer […]

Cancer lit

In yesterday’s wrap-up of 2013 I failed to highlight a literary genre that I have recently discovered – cancer lit. This comes either in the form of non-fiction (research, supposition and cold hard facts) or biography (big on tragedy, low on swashbuckling romance). None of the covers feature Fabio as a neuro-oncology consultant. Not one. […]


We saw The German yesterday for B’s scan results. We arrived early and went through the usual excruciating process of making smalltalk with an Oncologist. I resisted the urge to shout ‘I don’t care about your holiday in Devon, your children could have been eaten by a shark for all I care. Just tell us […]