Tumour: Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma (Grade 3)

Symptoms: Tonic-clonic seizure on 29/4/2012, headaches

Surgery: Image-guided awake craniotomy, achieving macroscopic removal (90%+) on 19/5/2012

Treatment: 6 weeks combined radiotherapy/chemotherapy from 16/7/2012. 6 cycles chemotherapy from 3/10/2012

Medication: Keppra (anti-seizure) – 2000mg/day

Medication during treatment: Temozolomide (chemotherapy), Ondansetron and Prochlorperazine (anti-nausea)

Post-treatment scans:

April 2013: Residual tumour inactive but unchanged by chemotherapy

August 2013: Residual tumour inactive and slightly shrunken

January & August 2014: No change

January & July 2015: No change

January 2016: No change but 2 partial seizures in early 2016.

June & December 2016: No change

June 2017 & January 2018: No change

Next scan: July 2018



  1. Jill I wanted to suggest you look at

    Kathy xxx

    1. Thanks Kathy, I’ve spent quite a while reading that site – very useful x

  2. Hope all is well and stable. đŸ™‚

  3. mochanita · · Reply

    Hi Jill, found your blog few weeks back and ever since I’ve been reading each and every one of your post, dated back from May 2012. I can relate to many of the emotions expressed in this blog as my boyfriend is having the same type of tumor and grade as your husband. I like your writing style and found them quite consoling, perhaps it’s the feeling of knowing someone else out there shares the same situation with me. Recently we just found out that those spots are coming back and most likely they’re recurring tumors. Anyway, would love to read more of your stories or to be in touch with you. All the best and hope both of you are well and peaceful!

  4. I just came across this blog and couldn’t stop reading it. Has there been an update since the scan in June? My thoughts are with both of you.

    1. Hi Marla, thanks for reading my blog. I will write an update but he’s been fine since June, touch wood!

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