B underwent an afternoon of neuropsychological testing recently, as requested by his health insurance provider. He said he did well on some of it but other parts were awful eg. mental arithmetic. Not the simplest stuff like 18 + 42 but questions with longer steps such as: You’re in a queue with 150 people in […]

We saw The German today for B’s latest scan results. He thinks they are fine, nothing visible to worry about, no changes. The only small issue is that he couldn’t compare the scan to the one completed six months ago, as he couldn’t access it for technical reasons. Honestly, the IT in these clinics is absolutely […]

B experienced something weird whilst sitting at his desk one day last week – the right side of his face became numb, and then the same thing happened to his right thumb and right hand. He was reading the Guardian website at the time and became unable to use his mouse, so was forced to […]

A scarcity of posts usually indicates ‘no news = good news’ and 2015 was no exception. Things to be grateful for last year included: 2 normal scans for B, showing no tumour activity Trips to Botswana, Iceland and Germany A visit to Australia in December where we were able to catch up with family and friends […]

Not new app-controlled cutlery from Apple but an “intelligent” electro-surgical scalpel that can analyse brain tissue at a molecular level. Faaaaancy. This new brain surgery trial sounds like a real breakthrough for those with operable brain tumours. I found it interesting that the BBC news story on the telly last night focussed on the fact that […]

Over the past 3 years I’ve definitely re-evaluated my relationships with others in light of B’s illness. It’s something I think about a lot, but haven’t yet written about in this blog. In some cases B’s cancer has affected those relationships, in others it’s brought the facts about them into sharp relief. In relation to […]

It’s now almost 3 and a half years since B’s initial seizure and diagnosis, and life is currently good. The German revised his prognosis at our meeting in January, as B has now outlived the original estimate. Although it’s only a guess, he now predicts that it could be another 2-5 years until the tumour […]